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Which Season is Best for a Trip to Vermont?

When should people plan their trip to Vermont? The charming small towns sweep you up into a world of local business. It’s like a vacation into the world of Gilmore Girls or Little House in the Big Woods or just about any Hallmark Move. Vermont takes its scenery, its main

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SNowmobiles in front of covered bridge at Sterling Ridge resort

Free Vermont Snowmobiling Weekend

Every winter, Vermont offers a FREE ride weekend for snowmobilers. Stay at Sterling Ridge Resort and get direct access to VAST trails. What is VAST? One of the oldest snowmobiling organizations in the U.S., VAST is responsible for the organization of the sport of snowmobiling, as well as maintaining and

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everything you need to know about snow

Every Question You Have About Snow

We’ve seen some funny questions and comments circulating around lately so we thought we’d offer some of our local snow knowledge. For anyone who lives in a chilly place, this is all likely to be second nature, but if you don’t encounter snow very often, it might be helpful to

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give thanks thanksgiving in vermont

A Vermont Thanksgiving: Rustic Cabins

Vermont is the land of the changing seasons and right in the middle of the two most popular, fall and winter, is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a unique holiday, one that isn’t centered around presents or glitz and glam. Thanksgiving is about gratitude and family and simply enjoying everything that is

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new england fall resort with pond | Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort

Five Senses of Fall: The Best of Vermont

The Touch of Fall Fall in Vermont is the slight breeze blowing against your cheek as you hike through the famous Green Mountains. It’s sitting at the edge of the dock, feet dangling above the pond, the water touching just the tips of your toes. Fall is a smooth pumpkin

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fall pond in Vermont overlooking sterling ridge resort

Visit Vermont: A Living Postcard

Recently, we saw someone describe visiting Vermont as “Visit a Living Postcard” and we thought, yes, Vermont is a living postcard! Postcards are meant to capture a specific moment of beauty so you can go home or send it around the world and say, “Isn’t it just beautiful?” So in

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