Vermont Christmas Vacation: Sterling Christmas

What’s a cozy cabin tucked into the glittering winter woods of Vermont without a freshly cut tree for the holidays? The perfect Vermont adventure is waiting for you at Sterling Ridge Resort. We’re sweetening the deal this year with local hot chocolate and the chance to choose and cut your own Christmas Tree! That’s right, can’t get much more winter magic than that, can you?

A Winter Wonderland in Vermont

cut your own christmas treePicture this. Small spirals of frost are tracing patterns on the windowpane of your private cabin. Your blanket is tucked under your chin while hot chocolate warms in the kitchen just steps away. A small fireplace is crackling in the corner, keeping you warm and cozy as you watch snowflakes drift past the window.

You enjoy a yummy breakfast at a local spot and then make your way to Upper Valley Tree Farm, a family-owned operation just minutes from Sterling Ridge. You wander through the trails, mittens on your hands and boots on your feet as you inspect each tree, finding the perfect one to bring home with you. Once you make your pick, it’s time to cut it down and head back to Sterling Ridge to warm up in your cozy private cabin.

How It Works: Holiday Bundle

cabin at sterling ridge resort in vermontFrom November 29-December 22 you can select the Holiday Bundle Add-On to help complete your perfect Vermont winter experience. Selecting and cutting down your tree, securing it to your vehicle, and then drinking hot chocolate around the fire isn’t just for Hallmark movies. You’ll receive your voucher when you arrive as well as any help or instructions needed to make sure the whole thing goes off without a hitch. The best part? At the end of your stay you head home to enjoy the rest of your holiday season with a freshly cut tree straight from the heart of Vermont.

Coming to Vermont for Christmas?

christmas vacation in vermontYou may have noticed that the package above stops on December 22. If your family is coming to Sterling Ridge for Christmas, we have the perfect way to create magical moments you’ll remember forever. Our Sterling Christmas Package will allow you to experience the full magic of the season in your own private cabin.

You’ll arrive at Sterling Ridge to see glittering snow blanketing the property all around you, snowcapped mountains and ice-coated pines completing the perfect winter scene. You’ll knock the snow off your boots and throw open your cabin door to find a freshly cut tree ready and waiting for you to decorate. All you need to do is throw on some jingles, drink up your hot chocolate, and make memories as you decorate your tree with the lights and decorations we’ll provide for you.

Hoping to cut the tree yourself? That’s an option as well! If you’re visiting us during the Christmas week, just reach out when you book A Sterling Christmas and let us know if you’d like to cut the tree yourself when you arrive or if you’d like it ready and waiting in your cabin. Both options are sure to add an extra dose of magic to your holiday stay! A Sterling Ridge Holiday

This winter we are focused on creating the most magical holiday stays for you, your family, or anyone else traveling with you. This is the season of childhood memories, romantic proposals, and truly treasured times together. We hope we can add something a little special to your winter adventure in Vermont. Find more information about our Holiday Bundle, Sterling Christmas Package, and other Specials. Happy Holidays!

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