The Spa At Sterling Ridge

Introducing our new on-site spa, now offering massages and Ayurvedic treatments. Take relaxation and rejuvenation to the next level with a personalized treatment in a serene, private setting. 

Ayurveda (ai-ur-vay-duh) is a holistic approach to wellness crafted to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit, promoting overall harmony and well-being. Melt away stress and experience the healing power of nature at Sterling Ridge Resort.


  • The Ultimate Sterling Ridge Spa Treatment - 120 minutes $250

    Tucked into our warm, cozy cabin and cocooned in blankets, comfort is ensured. Expect to be pampered from head to toe. We pull out all our specialties, oils, lotions, warm stones, foot scrubs, and hot towels, all expertly applied and energetically guided. Please allow a little extra time to acclimate after this treatment.

  • Relaxing Custom Massage* - 60 or 90 minutes $110 (60min) / $140 (90min)

    Tailored to your personal needs leaving you calm, relaxed and renewed. *Upon request we will incorporate Hot Stones or Pure Energy Foot Scrub. Mention at time of booking.

  • Side by Side Massage* - 60 or 90 minutes $250 (60min) / $350 (90min)

    Enjoy a relaxing massage and tea for two! Our spa cabin provides ample space to enjoy a massage as a couple or with any special someone (mother/daughter, two friends, etc.). *Upon request we will incorporate Hot Stones or Pure Energy Foot Scrub. Mention at time of booking.

  • Lower Leg and Foot Treatment - 25 minutes $65

    Soothe achy legs and feet. Add this service on to a 60 min massage or enjoy on its own when the body begs for energy from knees to toes.

  • Target Massage - 25 minutes $65

    A short pick me up. Focus on a target area. Examples: neck, hands/arms, back only.

  • Glow Face Treatment* - 60 minutes $125

    Cleanse and hydrate while enjoying a luxurious upper body massage. Glow and unwind. *Upon request we will incorporate Hot Stones or Pure Energy Foot Scrub. Mention at time of booking.

  • Cold Stone Face Treatment - 60 minutes $125

    Reduce sinus pressure, ease inflammation and puffy eyes. Relax and destress while moving lymph and improving circulation.


  • Head Massage - 25 mins $75

    Sleep and relaxation treatment

  • Abhyanga massage - 60 mins $120

    A flowing traditional Indian massage to promote calm. Recommended for those who have anxiety or exhaustion

  • Vishesh massage - 50 mins $110

    A vigorous, stimulating massage, an antidote for lethargy and depression. Recommended for morning and springtime

  • Diet and Lifestyle Consultation - 2 hours $200

    Learn how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda can guide you to find balance through small changes in daily routines and diet.

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Gift Certificates

To purchase spa gift certificates, please contact The Spa directly.

Meet Our Therapists

Surinda is a nationally certified Ayurveda Practitioner. She has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda in Vermont since 2006. She originally revisited her Punjabi heritage through her studies at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and then continued Advanced Clinical Practitioner training at both the Jiva Institute and Boston Ayurveda. She finds true joy in creating a heart centered healing space through her teachings and bodywork.

Tara is a certified massage therapist with 10 years experience. Her massage platform is both therapeutic and soothing, using slow methodical massage techniques to help you transition to a calm and serene state of mind. Her goal is to help guests reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety. You will feel a release and letting go of any weights you may be carrying.