A Vermont Thanksgiving: Rustic Cabins

Vermont is the land of the changing seasons and right in the middle of the two most popular, fall and winter, is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a unique holiday, one that isn’t centered around presents or glitz and glam. Thanksgiving is about gratitude and family and simply enjoying everything that is around you. While traditionally, people might imagine themselves gathered around grandma’s table to share the family meal, another option has become more and more popular.

Traveling for Thanksgiving

peaceful fall getawayFor some people, traveling for Thanksgiving is the norm. They drive across states to return to their childhood home, to visit in-laws, and to reunite with the people that they love most. However, not everybody travels home. We have families who have been joining us for generations. With full kitchens, cabins of all sizes, and the gorgeous Vermont scenery, it’s a natural pick for those who aren’t planning to spend it at home.

The stress of returning to your childhood home, the frustration of deciding who will host, or simply outgrowing your space can all factor in when a family decided to host Thanksgiving away from home. Plus, you might not have a giant family to spend time with this season and even if you do, let’s be honest, we don’t always want to.

Stick Season in Vermont

vermont mountain view at sterling ridge log cabin resortYou may have some questions about the weather up here this time of year and to be honest, we can’t confirm what might be happening in the sky come Thanksgiving. Some years, Vermont is covered in a blanket of white snow by the time the turkey hits the table. Some years, we don’t even get snow until January. What we can guarantee is gorgeous mountain ranges, peaceful night skies, and a truly magical place to spend the holiday your way.

Planning to Join us for Thanksgiving?

field and stream cabin living areaPlan in advance. If you are looking to stay in one our larger cabins; The Mansfield HouseField and StreamThe Wilderness House, or Pond House, you’ll definitely need to book early. However, everyone in one house isn’t your only option. We can always book a block of family in separate smaller cabins. That way, you can spend as much time together as you want, but wave goodbye when you’re ready for a bit of alone time. All that matters this holiday season is time and space for you to enjoy exactly what you want to enjoy.

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