Visit Vermont: A Living Postcard

Recently, we saw someone describe visiting Vermont as “Visit a Living Postcard” and we thought, yes, Vermont is a living postcard! Postcards are meant to capture a specific moment of beauty so you can go home or send it around the world and say, “Isn’t it just beautiful?” So in that spirit, we’ve assembled a list of some of the times and ways Vermont truly is a living postcard.

Vermont: A Living Postcard

Vermont has more cows per capita than any other state in the country. Now, that is aided by our incredibly small population, but it doesn’t change the fact that cows are simply part of Vermont life. Everybody has had a lost cow wander through their yard in the summer or had to stop on the road while a herd crossed in front of them. It’s just one of those small-state things.

Fall Foliage in Vermont

Fall in Vermont is a big one. From our lush maple sugar groves to the rolling green hills that suddenly burst to red, orange, and gold, the sheer amount of leaves in this state contributes to the beauty of it. We have no billboards to obstruct your view, no buildings or signs over 100 feet, and people even give windmills and power lines a skeptical eye around here – all in the name of protecting our scenery. Fall in Vermont is stunning, and it’s one of the most popular times of year for visitors to come pouring in to enjoy the best leaves in the country.

A Winter Wonderland

What else is Vermont known for? Cold winters and lots and lots of snow. Vermont gets cold and it gets cold fast. Not only are rolling white hills and fluffy snow a major plus for skiers, but those ice-coated branches make for spectacular photographs. Driving through Vermont in the winter can often feel like you’ve stepped into a black and white world with the contrast turned up and the saturation down low.

Cabins and Covered Bridges

Vermont has tons of charming New England architecture and it’s not just the large front porches, Victorian mansions, and sweet country homes. Log cabins and covered bridges are a staple of Vermont that make you feel transported back in time. Seeing the way the leaves brush against the old, worn wood brings nostalgia to anyone, even if it’s your first time in the state. Walking across one of these bridges or spending a night inside a little log cabin will have you dreaming of Vermont long after you leave.

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