Which Season is Best for a Trip to Vermont?

When should people plan their trip to Vermont? The charming small towns sweep you up into a world of local business. It’s like a vacation into the world of Gilmore Girls or Little House in the Big Woods or just about any Hallmark Move. Vermont takes its scenery, its main streets, and its appeal seriously. It’s not manufactured, it’s cared for, and you can feel it every place you visit.

vermont vacation thrill seeker hikesEach season in Vermont can offer something a little different. Certainly, the scenery changes. Activities can come and go. But in every season, Vermont allows you to explore a different kind of family vacation. Our tip? Come to Vermont for different seasons. The state you experience in January is not the same one you discover in July.

Sterling Ridge Resort is the Vermont vacation that you dream up in your head when you’re imagining the perfect relaxing getaway. It’s the jacuzzi tubs filled with bubbles, a glass of wine and a box of local chocolates perched on the edge. The gas powered stove had the fire crackling in the next room, spreading a warm and cozy heat throughout your private cabin.

cabin at sterling ridge resort in vermont

Winter Vacations in Vermont

In the winter, a blanket of fluffy white snow quiets the trees and welcomes you outside. More flakes are probably drifting by you, landing on your hair and resting silently on your shoulders. It crunches just slightly under your feet, creating a long and winding path behind you as you make your way through the trails. Ski resorts are a short drive away, local restaurants waiting, brewers calling your name, and snowmobiles ready and waiting.

outdoor wedding in vermontSpring Vacations in Vermont

In the spring, flowers are poking through the snow that has just begun to melt. The bright yellows and purples pop against the white expanse and the air smells damp and clear. Everything is fresh and everyone around you is excited to get out for the first warm days. Locals are wearing t-shirts and shorts in 40 degree weather, thrilled to see anything close to summer. Shop owners have their doors flung open, pulling the fresh breeze through their local products.

Interior of studio log cabin with open living spaceSummer Vacations in Vermont

In the summer, Vermont comes alive with hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, and everything in between. There are festivals every weekend, Brewfests every month, and new celebrations to explore. With the lush green mountain state truly earning its name, Vermont is begging you to come visit. A cozy cabin, firepit just outside, and hiking trails steps away; Sterling Ridge wants you to visit. Weddings are hosted every weekend, rustic brides creating beautiful outdoor ceremonies and sharing their vows with loved ones.

fall in vermontFall Vacations in Vermont

In the fall, it speaks for itself. The mountains turn to lava as the deep reds, bright yellows, and glowing orange leaves call people from all around the world to see the best foliage. Fall foliage and Vermont are synonymous, nobody does fall like Vermont. When your cabin is amongst those trees, it’s just something unexplainable. There is so much beauty to find in Vermont

There is romance and adventure and magic and it’s all yours if you just reach out and take it. Visit Vermont this year and create the best vacation you’ve ever had. Take a trip to Vermont this year, maybe more than one!

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