Why Brides are Choosing Vermont for their Destination Wedding in 2020

Scenic Mountain Charm

outdoor wedding with bubblesIf you’ve ever been to Vermont, you know that this state is nothing short of charming. With small, picturesque villages and towns straight out of a movie, we do things a bit differently here. Our tiny population of only 600,000 people means that the entire state is sort of like one small town. The houses are cute, the bed and breakfasts are family owned, the resorts are stunning, and every inch of it is surrounded by green mountains, rolling trees, and phenomenal views. You can’t beat the backdrop of a Vermont lake, trees reaching up to frame the clear blue sky.

Getting Back to Nature

Vermont works hard to protect the natural beauty of the state. The lack of light pollution, city noise, and an abundance of natural trails, ponds, and venues creates a serene and peaceful setting. Inside or outside, your wedding doesn’t have to worry about being interrupted by a honking horn and your photos will never have a billboard in the background.

Winter Weddings in Vermont

Horseback ridingWinter is a magical time to be in Vermont and having those cozy memories on your wedding day is something special. Vermonters know how to enjoy the best of winter, and avoid the hazards. Any resort that hosts winter weddings in Vermont will be prepared to help you create the magical day of your dreams. Who doesn’t want to be a snow princess for the day?

Fall Weddings in Vermont

new england fall resortYou’ve heard about fall in Vermont and chances are, you love it. The state is bursting to life with trees all year long, and when the colors start to shift, it’s unlike anything else. With white pumpkins dotting the tables, golden trees behind you, and the blue sky above, fall is the perfect time to get married in Vermont. Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it?

Spring Weddings in Vermont

Spring in Vermont is the epitome of newness and growth. After weathering the long winter, flowers cover the ground, bright green leaves peak out from trees, and the earth just feels new. If that doesn’t sound like the best metaphor for the start of a new life, I don’t know what would.

Summer Weddings in Vermont

wedding-tent-interior-with-farm-table-set-upSummer in Vermont is full of green leaves, birds chirping, sunny skies, and stunning sunsets. A wedding in Vermont is all about you, free of the drama and the risk. Vermont is a place that simply feels like home, even if you’ve never been there before.

Weddings at Sterling Ridge Resort

What do you think? If you could see yourself married under the open sky, cozy cabins ready to house you and your guests, and the beauty of Vermont all around you, maybe you should give us a call. Find out more here. 

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