Spring in Vermont: A Reflection on Seasons

Spring in Vermont is best experienced by one who refuses to let everyday beauty become ordinary. It is a season for pausing for each daffodil who dares to bloom in 38 degree days, hoping for the handful that reach warmer temperatures. Spring in Vermont is for the ones who scan the tree line, finding the few branches who unfurl their vibrant green leaves the moment they feel the sunshine. It’s for those who throw on sandals the second the snow clears, mud boots at the sight of a cloudy sky, and eagerly anticipate a refreshing rain. 

“It is the green mountains becoming green again.”

Spring in Vermont is watching the thick steam escape sugar houses that dot the landscape and spotting icy blue pipeline linking the maples. It’s for delighting in every single sign of life and freshness that the state has to offer. Spring in Vermont is a quiet kind of beauty, but it’s one that screams to be noticed. It’s the dots of color amongst an otherwise gray landscape. It’s the green mountains finally becoming green again. It’s a calmness and an investment that the summer is being reborn before our eyes. It’s Spring in Vermont and it ought not be ignored. 

At Sterling Ridge Resort, it’s a chance to chase that quiet and calm. It’s a moment to pause on your porch, the only place in the world that matters while you’re here. It’s drinking your coffee as slowly as you can, adding more when it starts to grow cool. It’s shopping at local bookstores and finding your new favorite book, maybe written by a local writer. It’s visiting The Farm Store, participating in Green Up Day, and going out to dinner every single night. Spring at Sterling Ridge Resort is choosing yourself, over and over again. Choosing to relax and experience and breathe fresh air and rest. 

“Spring is magic, you just have to look for it.”

Spring at Sterling Ridge can be hiking. It can be biking and taking polar plunges in the pond. It can be exciting and adventurous and wild. Spring in Vermont can be skiing in shorts and hiking with bare toes, feeling the squishy icy mud for the first time all year. 

Spring in Vermont is what you make it. But don’t ever let yourself believe it’s not worth it. It’s magic, you just have to look for it.

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