Green Up Vermont

Vermont’s green mountains haven’t stayed this green without a little help. Each spring since 1970, Vermonters head outside on the first Saturday of May to do a little Greening Up. You’ll find families, Girl Scout Troops, coworkers, neighbors, and Vermonters volunteering to clean up litter around the state. When everybody picks up a little bit of trash, suddenly it makes very big difference.

Get Involved with Green Up Day

While Green Up Day may be a Vermont-led initiative, there’s no reason everyone can’t get involved. If you find yourself in Vermont on the first Saturday of May, get involved! You’d be surprised how fun picking up trash can be when you know the whole state is doing it together. There’s no better way to thank the state for hosting you than pitching into one of our most important local holidays.

Green Up Vermont May 6 2023 illustration

How to Participate in Green Up Day

If you’re with us in Jeffersonville, VT you’ll find the list of locations to pick up Green Up bags under Cambridge in Lamoille County. The best option for anyone staying at Sterling Ridge Resort during Green Up Day is The Farm Store, one of our favorite local stops any day of the year! Not staying with us but still want to get involved? Check out the full list of locations.

Why We Love Green Up Day

Green Up Vermont holds a special place in our hearts. Not only is it a day to reflect on the beauty of our state, but it reminds us how important community really is. Green Up Day wouldn’t be possible, or nearly as successful, if thousands of people didn’t choose to spend their Saturday picking up trash. It’s a day to set aside your regular plans and decide that together, we can do something that really matters. Thank you to everyone who chooses to get involved, no matter where you call home. Vermont wouldn’t be nearly as green without each and every one of you.


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