Maple Syrup Open House in Vermont

It’s a  tradition in Vermont to pay homage to mighty Maple Tree and its sap that gives us delicious, golden maple syrup. Every year in the spring and the fall, Vermont hosts a Maple Open House Weekend, where local sugarhouses open their doors for regular folk to learn about the maple sugaring process.

Boiling Maple SyrupVermont maple syrup is a staple in Vermont homes. It is used in everything from baking sweet treats, cooking, in your coffee and even on your ice cream! It is ingrained at an early age – and possibly babies bottles are spiked with it – the only maple syrup is Vermont maple syrup!

Join us for this fun-filled weekend at Sterling Ridge Resort by visiting local “sugar-makers”. Two sugarhouses close to the Ridge usually offer a variety of activities during the Maple Open House weekend: Boyden Valley, located on the corner of RT 15 and 104 in Cambridge, and Rock Maple Mountain, located just minutes from Sterling Ridge.

Boyden Valley takes pride in the traditional certified organic maple syrup they’ve been making for over four generations.  They use a wood-fired evaporator with minimal processing which allows the sap to boil longer and create the rich caramelized sugars that make an exceptionally flavorful Vermont maple syrup. Taste the variety of grades and even some bourbon-barrel aged syrup as well as wines and liqueur crafted with their maple syrup in them!

Rock Maple Mountain’s maple syrup is made through sustainable farming and organic growing practices. Their products are not only made with a love of sugaring that has been passed down for generations, but with an in-depth understanding of the production process and a sincere admiration and respect for what nature provides.

So come to Vermont and Sterling Ridge Resort and celebrate sugaring season! For more information about upcoming Maple Open House Weekend’s, please visit

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