A Taste of Vermont: Behind the Scenes Maple Syrup Experience

If Vermont is known for one thing, it’s Maple Syrup. This Spring, Sterling Ridge guests will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the old-world production style. Over 6 million Maple trees are tapped every year in Vermont alone, and this could be your year to add yourself to the rich history. That’s right, you can join in on the history of Vermont when you vacation with us through the Maple Experience!

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The Maple Syrup Experience

What do we mean by go behind the scenes? With a fun, interactive tour, Sterling Ridge guests will be able to visit the Sugar Woods, tour the Sugar Shack, and of course – taste some syrup! From a tall maple tree, to thin clear sap, to a large boiling tank, to your pancakes, there’s a lot that goes into this historical process. You can’t get much closer to Vermont than this!

The History of Maple Syrup in Vermont

maple syrup sap maple syrup process vacation tour experience in vermontAs we mentioned, Vermont and Maple Syrup go hand in hand. Things have changed since the days of horse-drawn carriages and tin sap buckets, but not by as much as you might think. Sugaring is still a labor of love and it’s one of the proudest Vermont traditions. The smell of the sweet steam that fills the sugar shack as the sap boils is something you just can’t imagine without experiencing it first-hand. That’s why we’re inviting you to join our sugaring process this season!

A Taste of Old Vermont

Vermont is the land of small towns. With general stores, farmers markets, and neighbors that just seem to know everybody, Vermont is practically one big small town. Our history and culture here is one that holds tight to what makes Vermonters so unique. We’re a crew of hard-working, compassionate, tough people and Sugaring is one thing that makes us that way. It’s an old tradition, one that feels personal and sacred to those who grew up in these Green Mountains. Best part of anything good? Sharing it with other people. We’re excited to welcome you to explore this part of our state.

Our Maple Experience Package

how to make maple syrup vermont tour vacation experienceThis experience package will be available March 1-April 30. The full three-hour experience will include Snowshoe Pond Sugar House tour. You’ll be able to look inside the tanks, hold the pipeline, and see what we’re up to. Tree tapping, bucket installation, Sugar Woods guided tour, and taste testing will also be included. We will review all syrup grades, taste each type of syrup, explain the process for various maple products like cream and sugar, and send you home with your own treats. Price includes all tours, interactive elements, taste tests, and ½ Pint of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Pancake Mix, and 4oz bag of Maple Sugar. That’s right! The full tour, your very own syrup, some maple sugar, and pancake mix to make when you get back to your cabin for just $50 per person, children 5 and under are free.

Let’s Explore Vermont

We hope you’ll visit us this season to uncover some of the rich history Vermont has to offer. We all love the ski slopes and sunny green mountains, but something extra special happening in the spring. Vermont comes to life and pours every bit of energy into producing true liquid gold. We welcome you to join us! Take a look at our specials page to book!

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