Family Friendly: Vacation Ideas for 2020

Vacationing in 2020 looks a bit different to most people. One thing that never changes? How important it is to get your family together and enjoy quality time. For those of you who have been separate from your families, you may be eager to get back together in a safe and neutral space. If you’ve been together all this time, maybe it’s just a change of scenery you need. Either way, we are ready to welcome you to our corner of Vermont. 

Families Coming Together

family vacation reunionWe have always been able to welcome families from around the country to our private cabin resort. With beautiful open air and options for both large and small gatherings, Sterling Ridge is a pretty great place to bring the ones you love together. If you’re a bigger group looking to share one cabin together, we have great options like The Mansfield House or the always popular Field & Stream Cabin. Are you a bunch of little groups hoping to spend time together? Consider booking a few one or two bedroom cabins next to one another so you can still enjoy each other’s company, but still maintain some distance and privacy.

A Fun Change of Scenery

We know many families have been spending quite a bit of time together this year, so a change of scenery might be the perfect thing to add a bit of fun to your time together. Plus, with Wifi in every cabin, you have a great opportunity to keep working “from home” while you’re enjoying your time together.

Reconnecting with the Great Outdoors

vermont summer vacationWe don’t know about you, but this year has us feeling a bit cooped up at times. Taking a breather on your private front porch, enjoying a campfire at night, wandering through trails and kayaking on the lake might be just the way to feel at peace again. 

Social Distancing on Vacation

There are so many great ways to enjoy your vacation while still maintaining a safe system between yourself and others. We put together a ton of fun ideas like cooking in your cabin or hiking around our property. Check them out in our other blog posts

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