Winter Adventure Awaits You at Sterling Ridge, Vermont

It is winter in Vermont! It’s time to get outside and experience the Vermont outdoors and there is no better place to do this than Sterling Ridge, Vermont. The newly fallen snow is gearing us up for an adventure (or two.) I am a minority, I LOVE WINTER! Vermont winter, if embraced appropriately, can be fun and adventurous. For myself, it is a toss-up between Snowboarding and Snowmobiling. In a perfect world, I would ski/snowboard for half the day then jump on a snowmobile (sled) for the other half of the day.

For most of us though, one adventure at a time. Here is an example of a perfect winter day:  When staying at Sterling Ridge, you can ski or snowboard at any of the top-rated ski resort in the area – Smugglers, Stowe, or Jay Peak. How do you enjoy your first Vermont adventure? Start with a good friend or friends about your same level (or better if you want a bit of a challenge.) Next, add in the gear – this is IMPORTANT, without appropriate gear it will seriously bring the fun level down a whole notch – Helmet, goggles, good warm gloves, boots, jacket, sweater, pants and layering is key. Don’t forget the other most important part: equipment. Most guests bring their own, but if you need to rent Triple Diamond Ski Shop and No School Snowboard Shop are your best deal around. Now you are ready – well as soon as you purchase that lift ticket or book a lesson. At Sterling Ridge Resort you can find discounted full day tickets to Smugglers Notch Ski area or call Smugg’s to book a lesson that works for you. Lessons, in my opinion, are perfect if you are still at the beginning stages. If you are struggling on the mountain, chances are you are not having fun. Ok to recap: Friends – check, gear – check, ticket or lesson – check. Time to hit the slopes and have fun!

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