Rustic Cabins in Vermont | Vermont Vacation Guide 2019


Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort is featured in the Vermont Vacation Guide 2019 and it prompted excitement, gratitude, and a renewed appreciation for our stunning property. There’s nothing like hearing words of praise for a place you see every single day to help you stop and appreciate the region we live in, the beauty of the state, and the gorgeous cabins we offer.

To quote Rebecca Murphy’s article, Rustic Cabins to Elegant Cottages, “Every detail of a Vermont vacation is unique, right down to where you rest your head at night. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the traditional experience to make your next stay even more memorable. The main reason most visitors seek Vermont out is to enjoy the great outdoors and slow down from the everyday hustle and bustle, and there’s no better way to do this by staying at a cottage or cabin this summer.”

Our Cabins

living room of 3 bedroom wilderness cabin with fire in woodstove

Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort offers 24 cabins ranging from cozy studios all the way to our Field and Stream or Wilderness cabins which are perfect for large groups. To us, a Vermont vacation is about exploring natural beauty with the people you care about most. The cabins allow you to focus on one another, play games, enjoy a meal, and stay cozy by the fire. We merge the rustic, outdoorsy elements of cabins with modern comfort. From our kitchens, WiFi, heating and cooling, to any other modern amenity, you get everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Our Property

vermont summer view over sterling ridge resort

Vermont is all about the views, the nature, and the greenery. It’s a state that seems to stay small on purpose. With laws that prohibit tall buildings and billboards, the dedication to preserving the views is evident. Rolling hills and lush trees surround the property with a clear blue sky above. We want your stay with us to be one unlike any other, and that starts with the perfect location.

Our Dogs

Dog at Sterling Ridge Resort

Did you know that Sterling Ridge is a dog-friendly resort? Now, we know that animals are not everybody’s cup of tea so we do have some dog-free cabins for those with allergies, but if you do want to bring your furry friend along with you there are plenty of options for you to stay together and explore Vermont. We also have our own beautiful pups who enjoy their life at Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort.

Our Mission

It’s all about you, it’s all about Vermont, it’s all about relaxation. Sterling Ridge has one goal and that is to allow you to enjoy Vermont exactly as you want to. With endless options for things to do around the area and on the property, your stay with us will always be exactly what you want. From additional packages and add-on options to suggestions at the front desk, we are here to help you enjoy your time. We hope you experience Sterling Ridge soon!

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