Best Hikes in Vermont: Thrill Seekers

vermont vacation thrill seeker hikesGorgeous views and great hikes are a Vermont staple, but let’s push it one step further and pull the ground right out from under you. What are we talking about? There is a spectacular bridge hike on Mount Mansfield that will have you looking in every single direction, even underneath you! Check out this list of the best hikes in Vermont for thrill seekers!

Thrill Seekers Only

What’s the deal with the bridge hike? A suspension bridge runs through one section of Vermont’s most well-known hike, the Long Trail. Now, you don’t have to embark on the whole trail just to check out this unique section. There are clear entrance and exit points so you don’t find yourself on a multi-day journey through Vermont when all you wanted was a fun hike through the trees.

Floating high above the Mill River, which cuts along the Clarendon Gorge, you’ll be able to scope out the gorgeous views before following a trail down to take a dip in the water below. Think this earns its spot as one of the best hikes in Vermont? Are you adding this thrill seeker’s paradise to your Vermont vacation?  

Hellbrook Trail

hellbrook trail best vermont hikes

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Hellbrook Trail is another section of Mount Mansfield and will bring you all the way to “the chin” of the mountain. The trail marker reads, “1.3 Miles Straight Down” and they’re not kidding. You’ll be climbing natural ladders vertically as tree roots clinging to rock faces become your best friend. 

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So what do you think? These are only two of Vermont’s great trails and already I’m pretty eager to get back out there. The state is bursting with options for people looking for something challenging as well as some tamer options if your goals are more scenically inclined. No matter what you’re looking for, we guarantee Vermont has it.

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