Vermont Thanksgiving

A Local Thanksgiving
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At Sterling Ridge Log Cabins a Vermont Thanksgiving is time for friends and family to come together as one. Many of our staff have families that do not live in Vermont so we appreciate a home away from home Thanksgiving. That is what makes a Vermont Thanksgiving even more special.

Local Fall Foods

Vermont Thanksgivings do not just bring laughter and joy to the table but amazing, locally produced products.  Fresh roasted turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes and of course lots of dishes with Vermont maple syrup! If you are going to be staying at Sterling Ridge Log Cabins this Thanksgiving, make it Vermont local with The Farm Store in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Pre-order locally grown, raised and made items such as fresh Misty Knoll turkey, Eastman’s pies , Aunt Kaky’s Gluten Free Pie, Eastman’s Rolls, Slowfire Bakery Cornbread and Cranberry Maple Rounds, TFS’s very own Cranberry sauce made with Vermont Cranberry Co. fresh cranberries grown in Fletcher, Vermont! Try this recipe from one of our staff favorites to add to your Vermont Thanksgiving meal:

Vermont Maple Glazed Carrots

8 medium carrots

3 tablespoons or butter

¼ cup Vermont Maple Syrup

¼ teaspoon ginger (optional)

Slice carrots and cook until tender then drain. Add the Vermont maple syrup and the butter to the cooked carrots. Simmer the carrots in Vermont maple syrup mixture until glazed. Now you have a special Vermont Thanksgiving dish for your very own table!

Come and stay at our Log Cabin Resort soon!sterling ridge cabin fall foliage

No matter where or how you celebrate Thanksgiving, it is always centered on family. We at Sterling Ridge Log Cabins are thankful for all the guests that have turned into friends throughout the years and are thankful for the new guests that will quickly become our friends. Vermont Thanksgivings are the best around, but they are even better when staying at Sterling Ridge Log Cabins in Vermont.

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