Pumpkins & Cabin Rentals in Vermont

Sterling Ridge Resort harvests an abundant of pumpkins and gourds to enhance our fall displays throughout the log cabins at the resort. As our trees turn into colorful bouquets and the air begins to turn a little brisk, it’s time to think of all the things that come with fall. Come along with us on a journey to learn about pumpkins and our cabin rentals in Vermont. 

Fall, the time of year to show off the bounty of the season, is known for pumpkins. The word pumpkin originated from the Greek word pepoa which means “Large melon.” It is the pumpkin that is also known as the “porch sitting” gourd, which declares the fall season. There is something magical about the pumpkin from the transformation in the garden to its many creative uses. These giant orange orbs are perfect for fall in Vermont. The resort uses pumpkins on our fall displays with colorful mums, cornstalks and hay bales.

The most popular use of the pumpkin is for Halloween and we all know them as Jack-O-Lanterns. Where did the idea of carving a pumpkin come from? Many theories suggest that the origins came from the Irish and Scottish, who originally carved turnips and potatoes. After these root vegetables were carved, a lump of coal was put in to light. When European settlers came to America, they found the pumpkin as a perfect replacement! The original carving of pumpkins is quite a far cry from Vermont but has worked its way into many fall celebrations. Last year at the resort we were able to put a pumpkin at everyone’s log cabin. A pumpkin carving contest was held and Sterling Ridge Resort guests were very creative!

As much as we enjoy the craftiness of pumpkins, we cannot forget about the health benefits. After all, pumpkins are a fruit! Pumpkins are low in calories, high in fiber and very high in beta carotene. Guess that means extra helpings of pumpkin pie!

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