Vermont Log Cabin Vacation

Celebrate the Freedom of a Vermont Log Cabin Vacation!

As we celebrate our independence in July, it’s the perfect time to celebrate another type of freedom we have, the freedom of vacation – a Vermont Log Cabin Vacation to be exact!

We aren’t talking about vacationing in a stuffy hotel room where you step outside your room into an even stuffier hallway. When you stay in a hotel room, you have a million rules and norms to follow. Breakfast is from 7am – 10am, so forget sleeping in. The nearest restaurant is 10 miles away, so make sure to plan ahead. The elliptical is your only option to stay active, and all you have for privacy is the four walls of your single room or suite. With all those restrictions, it’s safe to say that a hotel doesn’t exactly scream “independence” or “freedom,” but do you know what does? A Vermont log cabin vacation!

A Vermont log cabin vacation is not your typical lodging experience. It’s a home away from home – comfy, cozy, and freeing! Unlike the strict routine of a hotel, in a log cabin at Sterling Ridge Resort, there is no schedule you need to follow. And at Sterling Ridge, the possibilities of your log cabin vacation are endless! Cook pancakes at 11am on a Sunday; have a picnic outside! Take a hike with your pup on a trail just outside your cabin to get a fun, scenic workout in, or cook a home-cooked meal in your very own kitchen! Forget overpriced room service – cook hotdogs and roast s’mores over the fire for a late night snack. Do what you want, when you want. No rules apply!

In our log cabins at Sterling Ridge Resort, we offer more privacy than four walls and a door.  Our cabins are located just far enough apart, where you’ll feel like you’re the only one on the property! Your porch with Adirondack chairs has its own private view, making it the perfect place to enjoy your coffee in the morning on your Vermont log cabin vacation.

The calm, serene atmosphere will relax you. You’ll be surrounded by nature, so you are sure to feel free of the stresses of everyday life. Spend your vacation that way you want to, and be independent! So this Independence Day, don’t restrict yourself to a hotel stay.  Celebrate your freedom of vacation your way at Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort!

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