Visit Vermont Farmers Markets

Vermont Farmers Markets are popular because they offer locally grown products from small, family-run farms. Sterling Ridge Log Cabins is similar in that it is a small resort that is locally owned and has been family-run for 25 years! Our log cabin resort invites you to support Vermont Farmers’ Markets in the local communities that surround our resort.

Why Vermont Farmers Markets? Farmers Markets are a great way to support the local economy, eat healthy, and meet the local farmers and artisans. Close to Sterling Ridge Log Cabins is Jeffersonville’s very own “Jeffersonville Farmer & Artisan Market” or JFAM for short. This Vermont Farmers’ Market is every Wednesday from 4:30 until 8 p.m. JFAM has live music, food, crafts, and more. If you can’t make a farmers’ market on Wednesdays, there is at least one almost every day of the week within a 20-minute drive from Sterling Ridge! For more details check out our Things To Do.

  • Thursday: Fairfax Farmers Market or Jericho Farmers’ Market at Mills Riverside.
  • Friday: Five Corners Farmers’ Market in Essex.
  • Saturday: Morrisville Farmer’s Market or Northwest Farmers Market.
  • Sunday: Stowe Farmers Market.

Vermont Farmers Markets offer a variety of food but what if you don’t want to cook on vacation and still want a local, organic experience? Try a Vermont farm-to-table dinner! In the Jeffersonville area, Valley Dream Farm hosts dinners where you can meet the farmers, and the chef, see where your meal is coming from, and learn all about the products in the meal. These dinners are hosted every Tuesday from 5 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Taste the organic (and local) difference – you will love it! For more information about Farm to Table Dinner & Tour or to make a reservation, visit Valley Dream Farm’s website.

Our Vermont Cabin Rentals offers a lot more than just a place to sleep. This is your home away from home to experience Vermont like a local. Start with a Vermont Farmers’ Market and explore the other possibilities from there!

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