The Truth About Outdoor Weddings in Vermont

outdoor wedding in vermontOutdoor weddings, particularly those in a stunning natural setting like Vermont, are just hard to say no to. As brides-to-be flock to venues with the best outdoor backdrops, photo-ops, ceremony spaces, and reception sites; there’s always the big questions in the back of everyone’s mind. What if it rains?

My entire life my father has preached at my sisters and me to never host an outdoor wedding. But the older I get the more I know that I will without a doubt pick a gorgeous outdoor wedding in Vermont. It’s the only option, it’s unbeatable. If you’re anything like me and think nothing can beat a natural landscape, I’m sure you’ve heard it all. Here are some tips for the biggest “What If’s” that outdoor weddings can throw at you.

The Weather of It All

outdoor wedding reception tentAre you someone who thinks tents are ugly? Let me tell you, I get it. We’ve all seen those plasticky canvas tents with the fake windows. Those are not your only options to have a rainproof outdoor wedding or a temperature-controlled reception. Wedding tents have come a long way and there are some stunning options in a range of price-points. Don’t fear the tent, celebrate it. 

If you’re not into the tent, secondary locations are always a safe back-up plan. Our indoor settings are just as gorgeous and filled with Vermont charm as the outdoor ceremony spaces so who knows, you might end up in side after all. 

Feeling a bit riskier? Rainy weddings are getting a bit more credit lately even for brides who decide to ditch the tent and the backup space. We’re talking about umbrellas. I’m personally a huge fan of the clear bubble umbrellas. I think it can add some fun to the day, especially if it’s just a light drizzle. Of course, we’ll always be rooting for sunshine, but just in case, there’s a dozen options to keep things fun, functional, and perfect at your outdoor wedding.

Navigating the Landscape

We’ve got some tips for those planning to walk down a grassy aisle. Now, most brides are well aware of those little tips to can add to your heels to help you walk a bit better. But did you ever think about providing them for guests? It might be sweet to have a small bowl available for a few ladies who might not be quite as prepared. Remember, anything you or your bridal party need to enjoy your outdoor wedding is likely something guests would appreciate as well.

Let’s also talk about color. One of the great parts of an outdoor wedding is avoiding any upholstery or decoration that comes with an indoor space. You know the sky will be stunning and blue in any season, the trees will be lush green in summer and burning red in autumn, and everything will look natural and beautiful. That’s the perk of an outdoor Vermont wedding, the state does the decorating for you. Just about any color is going to look great at an outdoor wedding, so have some fun with it!

What about lighting?

outdoor wedding sparklersIf you’re planning to wed in the morning, lighting might not be much of a concern. However, evening weddings come with a bit of a twist when the event is outdoors since you can’t just flip on the overhead lights. What you can do might be even better.

We’ve seen some very creative ways to not only bring a bit more light to the space, but also celebrate the illumination you can only get from a natural, outdoor setting. Did you ever consider roasting marshmallows at your reception? You can also lace trees, tents, and walkways with fairy lights and other pretty things. What about candles? There’s no better way to make your evening feel romantic and intimate than with candles dotting the area.

The Little Hacks

outdoor wedding reception tentWe ran through some of the big concerns and how to make sure the day goes off without a hitch, but we’ve also got some little tips and trick to recommend. After all, we’ve held quite a few beautiful outdoor weddings. 

Veil weights. Ever heard of them? Well, it’s actually pretty important for an outdoor wedding or photo shoot to use these handy helpers. A few shots of your veil billowing in the wind could make a stunning photo, but whipping your bridesmaids in the face during the whole ceremony may not be as appreciated.

Heat Lamps. Summer is warm, but a little shift in the air and the sun going down can quickly change the temperature of the evening. Providing some light blankets for guests is a start, but investing in heat lamps is definitely a plus.

Sunscreen. You should wear it, your bridesmaids should wear it, your groom should wear it, everyone should wear it. Spend some time ahead of your wedding finding an option that works well for your skin, wears well under your makeup, and won’t make you feel oily or uncomfortable.

Umbrellas. We mentioned them earlier, but even if you have a plan for a tent or indoor venue, it’s nice to have a small stock of umbrellas to help you and your guests get to their cars or transition venues if there is a drizzle outside.

Your Wedding Will Be Beautiful

outdoor wedding with bubblesHere’s what we know, outdoor weddings are stunning. There’s always those questions and fears, but we encourage you to take a deep breath and relax. Prepare for the things you can anticipate and let go of the things you cannot control. You will have a phenomenal day rain or shine. Luckily, we have indoor spaces available on our property should they be needed. Either way, your wedding will be beautiful and it will be a day you wish you could do over and over again. Luckily, we’ve got pictures and videos for that. 

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