Supporting Small Business: A Travel On Us Initiative

Vermont is the land of small businesses. And as a family-owned and operated resort, we are one of them. We feel a responsibility to uphold what makes our state and business community unique. It is no secret that the past two years have been ones of uncertainty in all aspects of our lives. As small business owners, we were blessed to see the love and loyalty of our guests wrap us up and keep us safe. Just as our guests have stayed loyal to us, we want to show our loyalty to our business neighbors. Enter: The Travel On Us Initiative. 

What is Travel On Us?

Travel On Us is an initiative Sterling Ridge started in the spring of 2022 to share the love and loyalty of our guests with other businesses in our area. The best part? It benefits our guests just as much as anyone else! When our guests book a new reservation for two nights or more during a qualifying time at Sterling Ridge, we offer them two $50 gift cards from their choice of participating local businesses. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s a $100 value, on us! Get groceries on us from a local market. Get dinner on us from a local restaurant. Get drinks or pay for gas. It’s all on us, and it’s from some of our favorite local businesses!

The Farm Store

the farm store local groceries fresh bread jeffersonville Vermont

The Farm Store is a classic greengrocer in the heart of our charming town of Jeffersonville, Vermont. With a full selection of natural foods and grocery needs, as well as an espresso bar, daily baked goods, and an ever-changing assortment of other home goods, it’s one you are sure to enjoy. The Farm Store gives you a sampling of locally sourced Vermont goodies and a glimpse into the magic of old-fashioned general stores. It’s a treat to explore! The Farm Store is one of the options available for gift cards when you choose to book the Travel on Us package. 

The Cupboard Deli

cupboard deli gas on us travel Vermont

This is the spot for “gas on us!” As a local gas station, you can fill up before you head out on your next adventure or travel back home. The Cupboard Deli is also a great pitstop for a quick bite or cup of coffee on the go, wine or beer, ice cream, and various other items you’ll enjoy. If you’re sensing a theme, it’s that Vermont businesses like to give you all the best options, all in one place! Vermont trivia for you: What you might call a sub sandwich or a hoagie, we call a grinder!

Martell’s at the Red Fox

Martells at the Red Fox Dining in Jeffersonville VT

Ready for lunch or dinner? Sunday brunch? Martell’s at the Red Fox is a favorite of our staff and guests. Their menu will get your mouth watering before you enter their gorgeously rustic space. Looking for a little extra entertainment? Take a look at their summer live music schedule! Martell’s is sure to become a can’t-miss destination each time you make your way to Vermont. We hope we make that list too! As one of the businesses benefiting from Travel On Us this season, you can choose one or both of your gift cards to be to Martell’s!

Travel On Us

What do you think? If you’re ready to take advantage of Travel On Us, all you need to do is select the Travel On Us package when you book during a qualifying time. This package is available midweek and on select weekends. Not seeing the option? It might mean your selected dates do not qualify. Feel free to give us a call at 802-644-8265, and we can help you adjust your dates to take advantage of $100 to local businesses and an excellent stay at Sterling Ridge Resort. Take a look at all of the details about the Travel On Us package to learn more.

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