STERLING | a poem by David Walsh | Sterling Ridge Resort


With love by David Walsh – July 16, 1993

The mountains loom like magic spires, the air so clean and free And if you were at trail in the woods of sterling ridge resortheaven’s door, such tranquility you’d see Sunlight shining round the clouds, to all there might appear Soft and pleasant thoughts of home, the things that draw us near. The birds they sing a quiet tune, as an animal might pass So quiet you can hear your breath, as heaven and earth they bridge This place among the rolling hills, they call it Sterling Ridge The trees and leaves they sway along, and the sparkle of the grass. If you need to flop, just stop, Scott and Sue will serve you Sunlight shines to clear the minds, I’m sure it will unnerve you When urged to get away, don’t sway, start to journey out today You shouldn’t hesitate, don’t wait, come to work, relax or play. So, as the sun to twilight falls, and all within relax Mustn’t think of daily pains, like telephone or fax Take a camera in your hand and start to slowly rise Above the cabin to those hills, to capture the true prize. And when your journey it does end, and homeward bound you start Take a piece of Sterling Ridge, and hold it to your heart And as you travel the dirt road, and your anxiety is burning Just you wait a little while, I’ll bet you’ll be returning!

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