Spring Skiing in Vermont

spring skiing vermontVermont and skiing go hand in hand, but winter isn’t the only time to enjoy these slopes. Spring Skiing is one of the most popular Vermont activities and for good reason. If you’re planning a trip to Vermont, here’s why Spring might just be the most underrated season.

The Fun of Spring Skiing

Skiing is always a blast, but something about spring skiing just feels fun, almost silly. People are zipping down the mountains in shorts, bathing suits, and all kinds of fun outfits. Now, it’s certainly not a requirement of spring skiing, but packing a fun animal onesie or a Hawaiian shirt might be just the way to get into the spirit of the spring.

Spring Skiing for Beginners

Spring Skiing might feel like something the cool kids do, but it’s also a great opportunity for beginners to get into the snowy activity. As temperatures begin rising just a bit, you can avoid the frozen fingers that have a way of ruining a perfectly fun day on the mountain. Spring skiing also has a more laid back vibe as we talked about above which can reduce your stress and make you feel more welcome to the club.

Changing Snow Conditions

Another reason people love spring skiing? It adds something a bit different when it comes to snow conditions. While fresh powder is all the rage, the softer, heavier snow we see in spring can change up the way you move down the mountain. With a higher moisture content, you’ll notice that heading down the mountain in March is a bit different than the fluffy February days.

Our Snow is Here to Stay

Why Vermont is great for spring skiing? Vermont is known for having chilly temps throughout a huge portion of the year. Even as April looms over us, we’ll still have trails open for you to enjoy some of the latest skiing possible.

Smuggler’s Notch Annual Pond Skimming

smuggs pond skimSpring Skiing gives us one of the wackiest events of the year, and of course, it happens at Smuggler’s Notch. Smuggs isn’t the only resort that hosts an event like this, you can actually find Pond Skimming at most mountains around the state. Basically, skiers are rounded up to see just how far they can skim across an open pond of water. With prizes to win, hilarious costumes, and so much fun, it’s a great time for both the participants and spectators. This event really captures the feeling of spring skiing well. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the mountain.  

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