Places To Take Your Dog In Vermont

Dog-friendly travel tips for your next Vermont vacation! Vermont is the best state for dog-friendly travel. Dogs are welcome in businesses and lodgings, and there are safe places for dog walking and pet-friendly outdoor spaces. Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly places for your next trip to northern Vermont!

Certain places permit pets on a leash, some only in outdoor dining areas, while others allow legged friends everywhere. Check each spot for details or ask for clarity when arriving at the venue. 

Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Breweries in Vermont

golden retriever puppy vacation in vermont

Best dog-friendly places to eat in Vermont! There are restaurants and breweries throughout the state that will welcome you and your pup. Most offer outdoor patio seating that may be seasonal or weather-dependent. Dinner and a view? Sign us up! 

Prohibition Pig might be the one on the list, but Waterbury deserves extra praise for their dog-friendly restaurants and breweries. Just steps from Prohibition Pig you will find outdoor patios at Blackback Pub and The Reservoir, which can accommodate you and your furry friends. Just on the other side of The Notch, Waterbury is a must-visit location for foodies visiting Vermont. Your dogs and your stomach will thank you. 

Dog-Friendly Shopping in Vermont

dog friendly bookstore in vermontBest dog-friendly shops in Vermont! Bookstores, open-air marketplaces, outdoor gear vendors, and more! Vermont’s small business scene is known for amazing locally owned shops, big and small. Visit these locally-owned stores to grab Vermont-made gifts, browse hand-curated shelves, and snag a few treats for your furry friends. 

Shopping with your dog or for your dog? That’s up to you! Vermont is a very dog-friendly state so many of our favorite local spots will not only welcome your pup into the store, but have gifts, cards, bandanas, stickers, and more to help you celebrate your four-legged friend. When it comes to shopping local, Vermont knows how to include every member of the family, even the ones on a leash. 

Dog-Friendly Activities in Vermont

bernese mountain puppy stands on a dog friendly porch on vacation in vermont

Vermont is an outdoor playground and your pets want in on the fun! Outdoor adventures throughout the state are perfect ways to explore all that Vermont has to offer. Some of our favorite dog-friendly activities may surprise you. 

With all outdoor activities, the best rule of thumb is to remember to share the space. We always encourage the use of leashes, even on hiking trails. You may know your pets are great listeners and friendly with strangers, but other dogs and guests on the trail may not be as well-suited to running free. When you’re exploring Vermont, always go the extra mile to think of others. After all, that’s what our dogs would do!


Dog-Friendly Lodging in Vermont

Dog friendly cabin lodging in Vermont travelSterling Ridge Resort stands in Jeffersonville, Vermont! Some cabins don’t allow pets, but most of the resort, including the walking trails and cabins, welcome dogs of all sizes. We love welcoming our furry friends for vacations, weddings, and other special memories. To us, being dog-friendly is about more than just letting your dogs come on vacation with you. To us, dogs are a part of the family and a part of your story. 

Bringing your dog on vacation? We provide a dog kit! Some items in the kit are there to keep things clean and tidy like a personal towel for your dog or a sheet to cover any furniture they might be fond of. You will also find a dog bowl, some of our favorite doggy treats, and waste bags for your pup!

Willow the Bernese Mountain Dog

An extra special part about what makes Sterling Ridge Resort dog-friendly is the staff! Willow, our resident Bernese Mountain Dog, takes her job very seriously here at the Ridge. In addition to greeting guests and their furry friends, Willow likes to travel the trails and sniff out fun scents along the way. She makes sure Sterling Ridge is in tip-top shape for your dogs and you can rest assured, she has high standards! 


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