New England Fall Foliage Report: Northern Vermont 2022

Ready for that perfect fall foliage? Each year, the green mountains of Vermont shift to a display of gorgeous fall colors. The secret to perfect fall foliage is one we may never solve, but each year the New England Fall Foliage Forecast does its best to crack the code. Luckily, the professionals have looked to a series of key scientific factors to find out where and when you can expect the best fall foliage. Spoiler Alert: Things are looking good for northern Vermont!

How Weather and Climate Impact Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage Snow Tracker 2022

The first key ingredient in the development of the fall foliage season is how weather has affected forest health. Drought is being reported across New England, but what matters here is where the drought is and how it developed.”

Northern Vermont was one of only a very few New England regions that saw the depths of snowfall that will benefit bright foliage colors in 2022. Droughts in Southern New England compacted the issue in early and late spring, limiting the foliage you might expect to see in areas of Massachusetts and and Rhode Island. 

Bugs, Seeds, and Natural Hints for Fall Leaves

One Bedroom Cabin Fall at Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort

The weather is not the only factor that is taken into consideration for the New England Fall Foliage Forecast. In 2022, moth patterns were tracked closely to see how invasive species might impact the colors. Luckily, damage from the spongy moth was minimal in 2022. 

Trees have more to produce than just leaves and fall colors. They also spend a significant portion of energy producing flowers, seeds, fruits, and other output. For two consecutive years, the primary New England foliage trees have produced very minimally. That’s great news for vibrant fall foliage!

Fall Foliage Forecast Summary

new england fall resort with pond | Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort

While we will never know exactly when fall foliage will reach “peak”, all signs point to an extraordinary fall season in Vermont. If the weather cooperates, you can expect to see stunning colors throughout Northern Vermont. We are hoping for bright, sunny days that descend into cool, crisp nights to maximize pigment. Take a look at the complete New England Fall Foliage Report to learn more.

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