Max the Resort Dog Remembered

Whether he knew you or not, Max made each visitor feel like they were returning home, making him a dog remembered as we somberly carry on without him.

Dog at Sterling Ridge ResortAs you stepped out of the car after your journey to Northern Vermont, you were greeted by a large, welcoming, auburn Golden Retriever.  Max, the mascot of Sterling Ridge Resort, was always in the office waiting for belly rubs or wandering the property looking for a loose hot dog. Max will forever be, a dog remembered.

Should We Be a Dog Friendly Resort?

Sterling Ridge has gone through many iterations since 1992.  After making the addition of cabins to Sterling Ridge Inn, the Petersons faced a dilemma. Should dogs be allowed on their owners’ vacations? After all, Sterling Ridge had two Golden Retrievers at the time, Sunny and Sienna, whose litters of puppies came and went on the property with love and fun. Sunny, another auburn Golden, was Max’s great grandfather, another wonderful dog remembered. Eventually, Sterling Ridge did decide to become a dog friendly cabin resort – bringing more and more guests, and their faithful pups, to Sterling Ridge.

The Perks of Being a Dog Friendly Resort

Nearly all of these pups enjoyed playing with Max. Today we look back on Max’s greatest hits. Max would steal mittens and hats as children sledded down the hill by the office.  In summer, Max would have his daily soak in the little pond, reflecting on his beautiful landscape and his perfect life.  Not only would he steal mittens, hats, and full bags of marshmallows, but he also stole the hearts of dog lovers, non-dog lovers, and dogs who didn’t like other dogs… that is, until Max.  Nicknamed by one guest as Max the Zen Master, Max could charm any dog or human into being his best friend.Dog at Sterling Ridge Resort

In the thousands of stories of Max, we can agree that he will be remembered fondly, and lovingly, from all our guests, to family, and staff. Max, we will miss you endlessly.  We hope you’re having a beautiful run through the woods.

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