Green Travel: Eco Friendly at The Ridge

Making travel plans has always come with heaps of considerations from your party size to seasonal experiences to group activities and everything in between. If you’re a detailed planner or a spontaneous adventurer, another travel consideration might make its way onto your list: the environment. With each choice we make as consumers and global citizens, we are impacting the planet around us. Here are a few thing to consider for those looking for more eco friendly travel choices so they can explore the green world they love. 

Community Garden at the Ridge

community garden sterling ridge resortIn 2020, travel changed in so many ways. To keep up with changing needs, Sterling Ridge developed a brand new community garden on the property. With fully equipped kitchens in each private cabin, we wanted to add to your experience of cooking and enjoying meals together on your vacation. Now, you can pick fresh veggies during your stay and take them back to your cabin for your next meal. 

Travel Local

One of the greatest environmental impacts caused by travel is travel itself. From vehicles to buses to airplanes, making your way around the world has an extra cost attached to it. One way to reduce that impact? Pick a spot to vacation close to home. We love welcoming Vermonters and others from our region to have a peaceful, secluded retreat in our private cabins. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy your vacation! 

Waste Free Activities

vermont vacation thrill seeker hikesWhat activities are you planning for your vacation? One element of the Green Mountain state that sends travelers here season after season is our never ending list of waste free, natural outdoor activities. From hiking to biking, swimming to kayaking, there are so many ways to enjoy this beautiful state and immerse yourself in the natural beauty around us. Wandering through the miles of private trails on our property, heading over to Smuggler’s Notch, enjoying the water and the mountains and the leave; it’s all right here waiting for you. 

Traveling Differently in 2020

We all know that 2020 has shifted so many things about the way we enjoy our time together and the way we move through the world. While things continue to change, we have the opportunity to find a bit of a silver lining. So many of the things we highlighted above not only help the environment, but also allow you to stay socially distant and healthy. If you have questions about how Sterling Ridge is working to protect you, our staff, and our community visit our COVID-19 FAQs and Answers page. 

romantic cabin in Vermont | Sterling Ridge Resort

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