Winter in Vermont!

winter view of mount mansfieldYou may enter our property these days and wonder “Where are all the beautiful gardens? Why are there random sticks along the driveway?” Answer: Sterling Ridge Resort is getting ready for Winter fun in Vermont! Its time to trade the volleyball, croquet set and bathing suit for skiis, ice skates, boots and coats. Even though there isn’t any snow on the ground – yet – the salt and shovels at each cabin, plows on the trucks and LOTS of wood to cut, bundled and stacked are waiting for your arrival!  See you with snow tires on!

Skiing in Vermont

Winter in Vermont is known for the cold and snow, but that also means skiing, snowboarding, and just about any other winter play you can imagine. It’s like the perfect Christmas movie out here this time of year!

Winter Landscape

In the winter, Vermont turns into a stunning black and white postcard. The hill are crusted with white snow, stark against the dark green trees. You can see bare limbs and sticks fully encased in solid, clear ice. Have you ever heard songs about the snow glittering? It’s not even an exaggeration. It’s mesmerizing to look at the sun glitter and sparkle on a blanket of fresh, powdery snow.

Cabins in Vermontwinter cabin in vermont

Our cabins looks great set against the rolling green hills, but nothing compares to the way the fire warms up that cozy space in the winter. Seeing the frost trace the window panes and the fluffy white snow pile up around the porch creates magical moments every winter.

Looking for more tips on what to do this winter? Check out our suggestions here.

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