Dog Friendly Resorts in New England

Furry Friends at Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling Ridge offers a variety of dog-friendly log cabin accommodations when you visit Vermont! At Sterling Ridge Log Cabins, we understand that your dog is part of your family. That is why offering dog-friendly lodging is important to us.

dog friendly sterling ridge resort vermont

Dog Friendly Resorts

Dog friendly accommodations are so important these days, Trip Advisor did a survey “Of more than 1,100 travelers (and more than 700 pet owners) worldwide, digging up that 53 percent of respondents with pets travel with their collared companions. Americans (56 percent) are more likely to travel with their pets, compared to 41 percent of travelers from the U.K.” Also, stated in the results was that 64% of owners polled said that dog friendly options are important to them. The survey went on to say that 27% of travelers with dogs, want someone to “check-in” or walk their dog. That is why Sterling Ridge Log Cabins offers dog walking services for a small fee, please inquire directly with us. We check in on your dog to be sure “Fido” is safe and sound.

At Sterling Ridge Log Cabins we strive to keep all of our cabins in top condition. We want guests, dog owners or not, to walk into a cabin and not be able to tell if a dog has stayed in that cabin, “Animal lovers might be even pickier about travel accommodations for their (dogs) than they are for themselves!” We even provide a dog friendly welcome package in your cabin that includes throw cover, doggie towel, bowl and a snack.

Our Famous Furry Friends

dog friendly resort sterling ridge vermont

On a final note, we cannot forget to mention Sterling Ridge Resort’s dog ambassadors, Rocky and Max. Rocky is a 9 year old Coton Du Tulear – a little dog with a big heart. Max, who happens to have his very own Facebook page. He is a happy senior, Golden Retriever at 12 years old. He is definitely the heart and soul of the Sterling Ridge Resort dog friendly community and has been dubbed “Max, the Zen Master.” Both dogs, with their friend Gus (a 9 year old Shih Tzu), greet each guest with a warm, friendly welcome.

According to a quote from the Chicago Tribune, “Traveling with a dog is a great reminder to slow down and be in the moment and not treat your vacation like another thing on the to-do list!” Good thing Sterling Ridge has rest, relaxation and dog friendly covered.

Max and Rocky, the Sterling Ridge Resort dogs, look forward to seeing you and your dog.

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