Distanced Learning and Work From Home

Remote Learning and Work is the new norm for many families this year. Maybe, you’ve decided to begin homeschooling to maintain control of your new normal. Whatever your schedule looks like, we’re sure you’re in need of something new and fresh as you dive into the school year. When you’re working from home, you have the benefit of deciding where “home” really is. Might we suggest a charming private cabin in the woods of Vermont? Here are some fun ways to keep learning and having fun together this season. 

All the Work from Home Essentials

Girl on Sterling Ridge cabin front porch working from home

What do you need to work from home? With excellent wifi, private cabins, a cozy porch, and tons of land to explore, we’ve got everything you need to work and play hard. If it’s a laptop with a Zoom meeting inside your quiet cabin or a lesson on frogs held by our pond, there are so many options. If working from home, living at home, and eating at home is getting a bit stale, try spicing up your definition of “home”. 

Outdoor Classroom Adventures

family vacation reunion 2020 private cabinsBest part about homeschooling? Creating a classroom wherever you are. The word is an excellent teacher and classroom. Hold a science lesson in our community garden. Learn to identify trees and leaves on our walking and hiking trails. Learn about buoyancy with sticks, rocks, boats, and your bodies as you go for a swim in the pool or pond. Read stories around the fire, interview our staff about owning a business, take a tour of our sugar shack, and so much more. The world is here to explore, so see what you can learn from it together!

Manage Stress Levels

Did you know working in nature has shown to be a more peaceful work and learning environment? Let yourself experience less stress and more freedom as you sit outside and soak up the beauty of Vermont. Taking space for yourself, bringing the whole family, or a little combo of the two could mean a whole of difference as you navigate remote learning this year. 

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