Vermont Adventure | Biking Brewster Gorge

biking in the woods of Vermont

My mountain bike had not seen the light of day in over a year so biking Brewster Gorge was the adventure for the day.

It was time to give the ol’ bike some exercise. Yes, I too needed some of that as well. So with my trusty companion, Marlow (black lab), tagging along we started our adventure. From the trail that leads out from the backside of the large pond at Sterling Ridge and into the Windridge Trail System, part of the Vermont Land Trust, we set out on our goal of biking Brewster Gorge.

Beginning the Adventure

We headed down and crossed over Junction Hill Rd following the walking trail down and took a left on Loggers Loop, which the sign said was ¾ of a mile long. We then forked back onto the Canyon Rd. a trail which led through some woods, past some farm fields, down to Canyon Rd., took a right down the road, left at the 4-way intersection and then a quick right up to the steep trail across from a small parking area. Following the woods trail through some pines, we took a right at the end and followed to the next intersection. Here is where the trail goes left, hard right or “sort of straight.” We went sort of straight which is where we found a cool sight, one not highly publicized. We had found the Brewster Gorge, the spot where the Brewster River falls about 100 feet through rock ledge. Don’t get too close, one slip and your rescue (if you survive) could make the 5 o’clock news!

Coming to a Close

After surveying the gorge, it was time for a well-deserved swim for my four-legged friend so upstream we headed.  There I found some nice technical singletrack trail that followed the river.  After Marlow’s swim, it was time to head back. The terrain was fairly easy but my tired legs were burning on the hills. These trails are a great way to spend some quiet time whether you’re on two wheels, two legs or maybe even 4 legs! Don’t miss biking Brewster Gorge while at Sterling Ridge Resort! As experienced by our guest blogger D. Mitchell.

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