On Becoming a Gardner, Part II

Gardens are one of the things that puts Sterling Ridge on the list of “Vermont Romantic Resorts”. With the smell of these fresh, spring to early summer flowers also comes the smell of romance in the air! For all our followers, it is an exciting time! I have moved up a rung on the gardening ladder. I can water pretty darn good – according to Evelyn, Queen Gardener here at Sterling Ridge Resort. I have also found out a couple of things the past few weeks that I would like to share:

  1. The thing with an artichoke looking bud on it is called Hostas.
  2. Another great tip I learned: That loud buzzing you hear when perched up high on a ladder… Ya, it’s a wasp. Oh, and don’t spray their nests during the day. They are not too fond of that!

Other than that, the gardens are looking fantastic! Peonies are now in bloom, up next Astilbees. With these beautiful gardens blooming comes wedding season! Be on the lookout for wedding photos, too. Our first happy couple: Lou and Cara on June 25. Until next time…. Jess  

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